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Checklist for Moving

Money Saving Tips

Piggybank Money Saving Tips

·        Freshen up paint – Only where needed

·        Have carpets cleaned (Chem –dry does a great job) And use area rugs over the carpet in hallways and focal points,

·        Re-arrange furniture for best impact. Make sure that focal points and furniture groupings have the proper lighting. Use inexpensive lamps when needed, it’s the light that accents the accessories that make the greatest impact.

·        Use fresh flowers in living rooms, kitchen and master bedroom when possible

·        Don’t re-landscape your yards! Instead, mow and trim bushes and add some colorful flowers for the front yard and on the front porch or by the front door.

·        Re-paint kitchen and bathroom cabinets when needed, instead of replacing.

·        Put brighter light bulbs for more effect.

·        Clean or replace switchplate covers where needed

·        Replace toilet seats and shower curtains

It’s Show Time Check List

Checkmark ·         Daily To Do List

1.  Make beds and put away clutter

2.  Vacuum and sweep floors

3.  Pick up kids toys

     4.  Open all curtains and drapes

     5.   Turn on lights day or night