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NJ Supreme Court Grants Stay in Harrison Condemnation Case

AFP-NJ newsletter for May 17, 2007

NJ Supreme Court Grants Stay in Harrison Condemnation Case

Breaking News: A stay has been granted to Manny's neighbor, Harrison Eagle LLP. This does not directly help Manny Amaral, but it is a good sign. Perhaps the NJ Supreme Court will revisit their decision on Manny's property. At least Manny was not evicted on May 15th, as planned. The AFP video and press releases have been increasing public awareness of this terrible example of eminent domain abuse. With your help we have made an impact on public opinion.

Click here to watch the AFP YouTube video and continue to keep the pressure on by calling Governor Corzine's office and letting him know Manny is still in need of help to save his family business. Thank you all for your hard work.

The New Jersey Supreme Court has granted a Stay of the Warrant of Removal issued by Superior Court Judge Maurice J. Gallipoli in the matter of Harrison Redevelopment Agency v. Harrison Eagle LLP. Harrison Eagle LLP is the company owned in part by Steven Adler. Mr. Adler has been fighting condemnation proceedings brought by the Harrison Redevelopment Agency (HRA) for several years. This most recent court order is the first victory in many years of contesting the condemnation powers of the HRA.

The New Jersey Supreme Court had previously denied a request for a stay made by Amaral Auto Group whose property is adjacent to the property owned by Harrison Eagle LLP. It is not clear whether the court will revisit the issue of a Stay for the Amaral Auto Group. Both matters contested the validity of the HRA's attempt to condemn their respective properties on similar grounds.

Amaral Auto Group was to be evicted May 15, but was granted an extension by the HRA. A rally scheduled for today was cancelled. Manny Amaral may have exchanged foregoing the rally in order to continue to operate his business.

The Supreme Court order in the case of Harrison Redevelopment Agency v. Harrison Eagle LLP states, "a stay of the warrant of removal is granted until further order of the Court."