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June Home Maintenance

Road Trip Check List

Road Trip Check List

A month before

¨       Review home insurance plan and be sure it meets your current needs

¨       Review cell phone to see if you’ll have reliable service in the area you’ll be visiting

¨       Review your car insurance policy

¨       Inquire about toll transponders

¨       Research, plan and map your trip

A week before

¨          Flush and fill  your car’s cooling system and top off all fluids

¨          Inspect car for leaks; check seat belts, tires, change air filter

¨          Arrange for housekeeping service while you’re gon

¨          Stock first aid kit including prescription and over the counter medications as well as photo copies of the prescriptions

¨          Check to see what bills will be due and inquire about prepayment

¨          Alert security system provider that you will be away

¨          Put mail and newspaper delivery on hold

¨          Have lawn mowed  and shrubs trimmed

A DAY before

¨          Pack Ziploc bags, Handi wipes, hand sanitizer, napkins, plastic bags for trash, hand vacuum, cooler with drinks and snacks

¨          Reroute phone calls to cell phone

¨          Rent DVDs and video games for the car

¨          Prepare a scavenger hunt for the vacation

¨          Set automatic timers on lights, set clock radio; close curtains; check that outdoor lights work properly; replace any burned out bulbs.

¨          Check that smoke detectors are in good working order

¨          Pack journals, glues sticks, safety scissors and colored pencils for on the road scrap booking

¨          Down load songs and audio books.