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Wintuk Cirque De Soleil Madison Square Garden

This week we just saw Wintuk. We saw "Eau" and were in awe of this company's talent , so when we heard about the limited engagement for Wintuk we just had to go. Absolutely NO Disappointment.

You gotta go see it!Wintuk_2

I personally preferred this to "Eau". I liked the story theme behind it; where a boy living in an urban community wanted to see snow and how his travels and encounters with different people along the way to finding snow.

Each encounter along his travels highlighted one of the performer's specialties. At the beginning of the show they was mayhem with everybody running around, skate boarders, roller skating,   a thief with the cycling police chasing him then the story began with the little boy wanting to see snow. They had these fantastic dog puppets manned by 2 people, they had electronic marionette lampposts with working eyes and mouths. It was fantastic you just did not realize time went by so quickly and before you knew it there was a 15 minute intermission.

As always the line to the ladies room was horrendous, and everyone getting in line complained including myself, however we were all pleasantly surprised at how quickly the line diminished because they had people basically directing traffic in the bathroom! What a novel idea! From the time I went on line to getting out it was only 10 minutes that's a record at such a big event!

The reason I prefer Wintuk to "Eau" is because you can concentrate on the talents of one act versus looking at 4 or 5 different acts simultaneously and missing out on most of the talent as in "Eau".

My most favorite act was the Raggedy Ann doll stuffed in a trunk. To this day I am in AWE of this persons ability and it still makes me wonder as it did that night is it a person or is it a doll. I just can't begin to describe the flexibility of this individual you really thought you were looking at a live doll that did not want to go into the trunk.

The ending was great also as we all experienced snow! :)

In closing all I can say if you get a chance to get tickets to to the show GO GOGOGOGOGOGOGO! you won't regret it.