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February 2008 Newsletter

2008 What's in with Buyers

1.With inventory swelling buyers want Newly updated kitchens and baths, pristine conditions and a perseption of value.

2.Destination Bathrooms a "getaway" with multiple task areas, free standing tub, multiple flat screen tv's, wirteless internet so you don't miss anything while bathing, primping or lounging.

3.Pet Showers. Dedicated dog showers is the emerging trend, either in a mud /utility room or garage corner or basement. Pet showers are all about covenience for both the pet and pet lover.

4. Great rooms have replaced the living room. Informal lifestyles, casual eating, cooking and living spaces are combined so family and friends can congregate together.

5. While many homes have been empty on the market Staging is the buzz word however it must be done with thought and not just left overs left behind. Neutral pallettes, personal objects, thoughtful furniture rental and something in the refrigerator says to buyer "hhmmmm" maybe someone lives here.

6. Outdoor spaces that look interior. massive soaring fireplaces of cut stone, heated flooring and walkways, entertaining sized  custom outdoor kitchens and indoor looking artwork for the outside, fabrics and finishes.

7. Green is IN!!! How green is your home? Energy friendly mechanical systems, appliances all reduce the need for fossil fuel.

8.Monitoring & Controlling hand held devices. Did you forget to turn off the coffee maker? wnat to close the blinds, turn the heat down or the air up? Ltest technology utilizes hand held devices to open/close blinds, turn on/off ights or let Fido out the elctronic door.

9.Functional outdoor space, not the appendage hanging off the building. Real Balconies with room for a grill, comfortable table and chairs. That's what buyers are craving in outdoor space 2008