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JUMBO loans are available and at a good rate

With all the hype and bad news out there people are wondering whether they can still get a loan for JUMBO mortgages. The Answer is YES!!

My friend and business advocate Michael Tafuri says it is possible and he works for a company that specializes in nich market.

Some pointer he gave me are

April 24 2008 the rate for a loan over $1.5 million is 6.5% for a 30 year fixed.


If the rate goes lower by the closing date the for $350.00 at the closing you can get the lower rate.

You never have to refinance because the loan can be modified and this is a portfolio lender

If you have an interest and want more information his contact info is:

Michael Taffuri, Senior Loan Officer
Investor Savings Bank subsidiary ISB Mortgage Co. LLC
Cell: 201-679-3087
email: [email protected]

PLEASE let him know you found him through me. Thank you!

Also here is the link to their rate page