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Realtor Goes to Court on behalf of Seller - Foreclosure

I came accros this article and thought the essense of it should be spread to all homeowners and sellers.

REALTOR Goes To Court And Gives Judge Thumbs UP!

Recently I went to court not because I am in trouble...but someone important to me...our real estate seller!  See they live about 6 hours away..and yes the process of foreclosure has started.  Laid off..injured car (needs repairs) and could not make the trip. So what was this seller to do?

They Asked Me To Appear in Court!

Rather than no one appearing...I told them to type a letter..and if the judge will even acknowledge me..and read the seller's letter...there might be some hope to get the offer they received ..to the closing table...all we need is time..time to get the short sale processed..I know it's going to be hard work...I read the wonderful Missy Caulk..and have had REALTORS throughout the state asking me for help to get through to this lender.

for the full story   Realtor goes to Court - Foreclosure

The moral of the story is if you are in the process of foreclosure...DO NOT IGNORE  the documents...that means respond to the lender...so you will know your options...respond to court documents and to court appearances..and if you can't get to the court room and its a legitimate reason...call someone who can stand in for you.