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TLC Casting Buyers and Sellers for Moving Up

Cable network, The Learning Channel (TLC), is currently casting for its hit series Moving Up, hosted by Doug Wilson. Producers are looking for buyers and sellers who are under contract and planning to move in June. Interested candidates must still occupy their current home. Buyers moving into a home that is already vacant are not eligible. Both residences must be within 45 minutes of Manhattan.

The series follows a chain of homeowners as they go through the renovation and/or redesign process in their new home. Moving Up offers the former homeowners the rare chance to visit their once beloved homes and see all of the new changes. Opinionated consumers who demonstrate compelling ideas to alter the house are preferred.

Contact Jodi Friedman at (212) 974-9050, ext. 125 or JFriedman@bbcnyproduction.com if you or someone you know would be a good fit for the show.