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Sellers Why Internet vs Print

Buyer has control of the home search process. There has never been anything like the Internet for Buyer home searches. The Buyer sees only the homes that interest them by controlling their search parameters. Buyers never had it so good! In a newspaper the Buyer must look at and eliminate home after home. Our online Search software does your work for you with the click of a mouse. And you get a map that tells you where the home is located!

Just Do IT!


If you are a Buyer or a Seller of Real Estate exit this Blog to the  home page and click on Market Snap Shot.

At the bottom of the Market Snap Shot page sign up for a Report on the ZIP you are interested in.

Get a cup of coffee, sit down and study this report for a few minutes. Whether you are a Buyer or Seller these Reports will help you enormously.

Enter a fake name if you must but don't miss out on this valuable information.

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Let me know.

Sellers Why Internet vs Print Media

Constant exposure.  24 hours a day your property is featured with photos, video, maps and community details in a format the Buyers prefer.  This for Sellers is nonstop marketing of their real property.  A huge leap forward.

Re Sale Activity Increasing

ReSale Activity Increases

The National Association of Realtors posted May's sales in the Northeast with an increase of 3.9%. Our local numbers hint at an even greater increase as June is already up from May. The under $500,000 market seems almost crazy at this time with Buyers bidding as quick as they can on available properties. I think there is more good news to come on the housing front. Stay tuned.

Hats Off to you Buyers!

We are seeing Buyers adopt a really smart strategy before even looking at property. Buyers are getting copies of their tax returns, pay stubs and other pieces of financial information and talking to a lender before even making an offer on property.  The plus for the Buyer in this market is being able to act quickly when they see the property or home that excites them.  Buyers are able to negotiate from a position of certainty and they are able to present a strong case to Sellers or Lenders. Hats Off  to you Buyers!

Sellers Why Internet vs Newspaper

The full picture: Today’s Buyers want all the facts, market data, market trends and any other information that they deem relevant to their purchasing decision. For example the gives the Buyer this market information at the same time property is displayed to the Buyer. Put simply: We attract more Buyers by providing this up to minute information and the Buyers stay with us! Why? More useful information helps them make decisions!

Speak Out Against Taxes on Real Estate: Demand Full Restoration of Property Tax Deduction

Earlier this spring, Governor Jon Corzine's budget plan calling for a one-year suspension for all non-senior households earning more than $150,000 to deduct property taxes from their state tax filings.  In a high-cost state like ours, imposing this income threshold could mean that a husband and wife working as a police officer and school teacher may not qualify for the deduction.  Recognizing the harmful impact this plan would have on working class homeowners, NJAR is, once again, asking that you take actionagainst this proposal. 

As budget negotiations are drawing to a close, it’s crucial to send


one last message that you oppose even the partial elimination of the property tax deduction.  Given current economic conditions, this is the worst possible time to propose any legislation that undermines the basic foundation of homeownership.  The partial elimination of the property tax deduction is just a third of the triple whammy for homeowners under this budget plan.  All non-senior taxpayers are slated to lose their property tax rebates. Additionally, educational and municipal aid, which is used to offset property taxes, is either being frozen or cut.  These proposed policies will certainly lead to higher property taxes.

As you know, the state budget process can be extremely turbulent.  In the past, lawmakers have proposed tax increases at the last minute to avoid public scrutiny.  Speak out against any eleventh hour attempt by lawmakers to raise or impose new taxes on the real estate industry or property owners.  Let legislators know that we will be opposed to any effort by them to hike taxes on real estate.  Encourage REALTORS, clients, family and friends to send a letter to their lawmakers through the

What's At Stake:

Last Chance to Save Property Tax Deduction

As part of his budget proposal, Governor Jon Corzine, called for a one-year suspension of property tax deductions on state income taxes for all non-senior households (younger than 65 years old) earning more than $150,000.  

The New Jersey Association of REALTORS (NJAR) is calling for the full restoration of the deduction.  In New Jersey, where the average homeowner pays more than $7,000 in property taxes, it's unthinkable to balance the state budget on the shoulders of property owners.

All concerned citizens are encouraged to keep fighting for the complete restoration of the property tax deduction.  Additionally, it's not unheard of for lawmakers to include last minute tax hikes in their final budget proposal.  Tell legislators that you will not support any eleventh hour attempt by them to increase or impose new taxes on property owners or the real estate industry. 



Internet vs Newspaper

Immediate information. When the status of a property changes You know it right away.

Both Buyers and Sellers have instant market data:

Seller changes their price to attract more Buyers and the world knows it 20 minutes later either by email or on not a week or more as with print media.

5 Ways To Make Your Home Harder To Sell

5 Ways To Make Your Home Harder To Sell

Tell your perspective agent:

1. I don't want a sign
2. I don't want a lockbox
3. Give us 24 hour notice before showings
4. Another agent (who is sucking up to get your listing) told me I could get more money, so I want to start higher
5. I'm going to hire the agent with the lowest fee (aka....).