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Taste of Sea Bright, NJ Tickets going on sale Sept. 1. 2009

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION:  The TASTE OF SEA BRIGHT event tickets go on sale this Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009. 
You are strongly advised to purchase tickets for your group immediately, as this event will sell out quickly.  Only 1000 tickets will be sold.
EVENT DATE: Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009
TIME: 11:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Trolley and busses will run until 6:30)

Ticket cost: $40 - ALL INCLUSIVE.
Includes admission bracelet, map/passport, all food, drinks, cocktails, unlimited trolley/bus rides throughout the event - and you'll even get a complimentary SBBA backpack to carry all the goodies you'll receive from the stops on the map!

We're pulling out all STOPS!

  • Algarve Milano Restaurant
  • Anjelicas Restaurant
  • Bagel Cove
  • Bain's Hardware
  • Brooks Seafood/Something Fishy
  • The Dockside
  • Donovan's Reef
  • Elements Steakhouse & Lounge
  • Gracie & The Dudes Ice Cream
  • Ichabods Restaurant
  • Kotobuki Japanese Cuisine
  • Mad Hatter
  • McLoone's Riverside Dining
  • Ocean Avenue Grill
  • The Quay
  • Sea Bright Liquors
  • Sea Bright Pizza
  • Stacey's Treasures
  • Trattoria "G"
  • Yumi Neo-Asian Sushi
  • Tickets can be purchased at any stop listed above.
    For more information, please copy/paste this link into your browser:

    Jersey Harvest Time

    This year I decided to inveatigate growing a vegetable garden. Every year I've planted tomato plants and had great jersey tomatos. This year I did those and in addition I planted lettuce and cucumbers (kirby). The lettuce was wonderful and the kirby;s are just now starting to grow so I'll let you know how it goes.

    AS i have ben looking i have i have foudn some  interesting stuff and would like to share:

    Produce: Prime dates:

    Blueberries  July 5 to August 10

    Broccoli    July 1 to October 31

    Cucumbers  July 5 to August 15

    Eggplant  July 20 to September 30

    Peaches  July 20 to September 1

    Peppers   July 15 to October 31

    Plums  JUly 15 to August 15

    Potatoes  July 20 to September 30

    Squash  June 25 to Septmeber 1

    Sweet Corn  July 5 to August 31

    Tomatoes   July 10 to septmeber 15

    This is are the best times for the freshest produce in New Jersey. Support your local farm market and farm stands.

    Something else I discovered while attending a class at vegetable 101 in Deep Cut gardens great class and they will continue to have it once a month until Dec. use organic fertilizer on produce that you do NOT peel the skin and use regular on produce you peel the skin. This also goes for purchasing produce organic vs other.

    Stay Fresh Tips:

    Wash produce as you eat it. NOT when you buy it.

    Store fruits separetly from vegetables, because fruit give off a gas that can shorten the life of a vegetable.

    Some produce such as melons, potatos, tomatoes and squash are best at room temperature.

    Allow peaches, plums and pears to ripen on the counter before putting in refridgerator.

    I'd be interested in hearing your opinions.

    Short Sale Myths

    A short sale can be a great way for homeowners who must sell and owe more on thier home than it is currently worth. Unfortunately a number of myths about short sales have developed and it is very important to understand the reality of the proces!

    Myth 1.the bank would rather foreclose than bother with a short sale
    this is the most common misconception. The reality is that banks do NOT want to foreclose on proeprty because the foreclosure process is costly. Banks, investors and even the Federal Government have all publicly stated that if a person is QUALIEFIED for a short sale, the deal needs to be considered.

    Myth 2. An owner must be behind on a mortgage to negotiate a short sale
    While this may have been in previous times, TODAY the lenders are looking for VERIFIABLE hardship, monthly cash flow shortfall, or pending shortfall and insolvency.

    Myth 3. There is not enough time to negotiate a short sale before foreclosure
    This myth probably HURTS THE HOMEOWNER THE MOST!!
      Many do not realize that the foreclosur is a process, and there is time to make decisions that may result in better outcomes.

    Myth 4. Listing my home as a short sale is an embarassemnt
    According to recent estimates 1 out of 5 homeowners in the U.S. in in the same situation. YOU are to be CONGRATULATED for admitting you need help, taking ACTION and finding a professional to help you work towards a solution.

    Myth 5. Short Sales are Impossible and never get approved
    Yes and NO!
    A short sale is difficult no doubt about it. Does a hoemowner need to learn the process? Absolutely! Are they impossible? yes at times they will feel that way but they are NOT impossible just long, tedious and need lots of patience and they can be done.

    Myth 6. Banks are not accepting short sales
    The reality is that banks and the Federal Government are trying to do anything they can, within reason, to avoid foreclsoing. It is absurd to believe they would deny a short sale and go for a foreclosure or even more stupid to think future legislature will pay them for their losses.

    Myth 7 Buyers are not interested in short sales
    Many agents get phone calls from buyers who say they only want foreclusres or short sales. The dilemmas if any come from all in the timing for all parties concerned.

    AUGUST - 2009 Newsletter Housing Trends eNewsletter

    AUGUST - 2009 Newsletter Housing Trends eNewsletter

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