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Life Line Screening in Sea Bright, NJ Community Center Dec 21,2009

No one knows when a stoke can strike - since 4 out of 5 stroke victims experience no apparent symptons whatsoever.

Life Line Screening Radiology have had over 275,000 people particpate in the ultrasound screenings that can determine your risk for storke caused by carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneuysm, and other vascular diseases.

I have had mine done by them when I saw their screening in Highlands because I fall under the risk factors and the price was reasonable as I did not have health insurance at that time.

I urge you to call Life Line Screening Radiology and pre-register fo rthe December 21,2009 screening as soon as possible. They will be in Sea Bright, NJ, ONLY  DAY!

Call Today 1-866-579-4971

All Clad has coupon for newlyweds...

Newly wed ALL CLAD Coupon

I love my ALL CLAD cookware and I am always searching for great prices on this product. Also looking to see if they have a factory store. NO luck so far. However I ahve come upon this coupon link above for newly weds between April 5 2009 and APril 4 20010. Just thought this would be of interest.

All Clad has coupon for newlyweds...

Newly wed ALL CLAD Coupon

I love my ALL CLAD cookware and I am always searching for great prices on this product. Also looking to see if they have a factory store. NO luck so far. However I ahve come upon this coupon link above for newly weds between April 5 2009 and APril 4 20010. Just thought this would be of interest.

Project Continues

OK so last time I wrote I was starting my October project on my dresser.Here is the before pciture (actually this is the high boy forgot to take a pciture)


This was already painted in a faux finish by my mother-in-law years ago. Now I am painting it in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in a pearl finish. The bed was done in a matte finish not sure I like it will try to live with it for now.

I ahve also updated the knobs to crystal knobs with nickel accents and I have added an applique to hide where the prvious holes were. NOt so great of a patch job. :(



The last part of this project is that I am waiting for legs I want to raise it a bit. This is the actual piece I am working on. As you can see it sits right on top of the carpet very fifties in my mind. So by next week I anticipate getting the legs, painting and putting it together and will show you my finished project, bed and dresser.



September 2009 - Monthly Market Comparison Monmouth County New Jersey

September 2009 - Monthly Market Comparison





Percent Change

Monthly Sales




Monthly Dollar Volume




Average List Price




Average Sales Price




Median Sold Price




Average Days on Market




Current Inventory




Months Inventory









Percent Change

Monthly Sales




Monthly Dollar Volume




Average List Price




Average Sales Price




Median Sold Price




Average Days on Market




Current Inventory




Months Inventory








Percent Change

Monthly Sales




Monthly Dollar Volume




Average List Price




Average Sales Price




Median Sold Price




Average Days on Market




Current Inventory




Months Inventory





The "Current Inventory" column(s) reflect the number of active(on market) listings on the 16th day of each month.

The "Months Inventory" column(s) value(s) equal "Current Inventory" divided by "Monthly Sales".

This reflects how many months it would take to sell out of inventory at the current month's rate of sale.

Total Months Inventory = Total Current Inventory / (Total Monthly Sales/12 Months)

NJ Southern Region

Adorned in Victorian charm and culture, find tranquility in the laid back relaxing realm of the Southern Shore Region. Situated between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, you've found the ideal setting to enjoy a quiet romantic getaway, dig your toes in the warm sand or spend quality time with family and friends.

Have fun in the Wildwoods, their funky and flamboyant the "DooWop" architecture of the Wildwoods contain the largest collection of 1950 architecture int he nation.

Stroll the 2 mile boardwalk or head to Morey's Piers, now featuring amusment piers and rides, water parks and roller coasters.

Did you know that picturesque Cape May

holds the distinction of being the Oldest Sea Shore Resort in the United States?

Jutting out between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is one of the nation's oldest vacation spots, Cape May. A National Historic Landmark and one of the original resorts in the country, Cape May's wicker and lace keep the enchanting Victorian-era alive year round. Take a trolley tour through the gas-lit street, join a walking tour of some of the Cape May's 600 authentically restored Victorian homes, including the Emelen Physick Estate, a magnificent 18 room Stick Style mansion. Catch a bird's eye view of the Cape May seascape when you conquer the 199 steps of the historic Cape may lighthouse built in 1859.

Also don't forget to search for your Cape May diamonds found on the beach or look at the concrete ship beached at the shore.

Did you know that Atlantic City

has the Longest Boardwalk in the World?

The boardwalk was built in 1870, it was orignally constructed to keep people from tracking sand from the beach to the seaside hotel lobbies and railroad parlor cars. Today, traditions abound along the boardwalk as you stroll it's 4.5 miles by foot, bicycle or rolling chair. The ever present delicious fudge and saltwater taffy found along the boardwalk is a must.

Spring Lake boards : 2miles

Long Branch boards: 2 miles starts/ends at the Rennaissance and goes up to a bit beyoned Rooneys Crab House. Along the way you can bicycle, part of it is pedestrian only and also there are some exercise routines you can try out.

October: brisk, bright, busy in Monmouth County NJ

I find every October when it starts to get brisk and the air is crisp and earthy I need to start a project. This year I decided to concentrate on the 2nd bedroom. We are anticipating a visitor from overseas so I want it to be welcoming.

I live in an original 1929 modular ranch bungalow and the rooms are not very big so you have to be minimal with furnishing etc.; which I have a difficult time with. We inherited my husband's family maple 4 poster  bed without the canopy (too bad) and mahogany dressers that were repainted sometime with gold distress look. These are really nice pieces and worth working on. Teh room we painted in Home Depot paint Linen which has a yellow cream cast and we have cream carpeting.

I had a friend a friend of ours paint the bed headboard and footboard with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. OMG! what a difference! Now when we put the bed together and dressed it up the room looks like a little bed and breakfast bedroom. We now want to sleep in this room that's how good it looks!

I have come across some interesting handy hints as I am doing this project and thought to share with you.

  • When you have finished a painting project, write on a masking tape the date and how many gallons of paint were needed for the job. Stick the tape on the back of a light sitch plate. Also to get the exact shade next time include the color formula sticker from the paint can. When the room is due for a fresh coat, you'll be ready to go!

How many times have I miseried over what to paint first in a room.

  • Paint the trim first, then the ceiling and walls.  That's because it is easier and faster to tape off the trim than to tape off the walls. When painting the trim you do not have to be extra neat. Just concentrate on getting a smooth finish on the trim. Don't worry if the paint gets on the walls, you'll cover it when painting the walls. Once the trim is completely painted and dry at least 24 hours, tape it off with painter's tap then paint the ceiling then the walls and it will be gone
  • For mess proof painting I use the cartons(case) that come from buying bulk water or cat food. I put the paint can inside and open it and leave the lid in there too, this way I don't accidentently step on the lid and track paint and believe me I have done it quite a few times.
  • Cardboard box as a spray booth for small items. Right now when it gets cold the wind also picks up so using an aeresol spray paint is difficult and messy. I have started to use a any largish(?) carton and poke thorugh a dry cleaner style hanger as my holder I hang whatever I need painted, spray it and no mess!
  • My last tip I jsut learned now is storing paint cans upside down. By doing this the wieght of the paint will form an airtight seal around the rim. Of course make sure you have closed the lid tight so when placing it upside down it doesn't open on you or leak. When you're ready to use it again turn the can upright and shake it real hard to get all the solids off the lid and presto the paint is like new.

As I continue with this autumn/winter project I will post whatever else I learn. Right now I will start working on the dresser. I want to change the look of the dresser.

Til later will let you know the progress.