A Realtors Christmas
Two Seniors Demonstrate How Facebook is For Everyone ;)

12 Days of Christmas

I present “12 Days of Christmas” from the amazingly creative Highland Lakes Realtors staff. If they are half as good at real estate as they are at Christmas carols it’s easy to see why they have been successful :)

Highland Lakes

Their Website states:

After humble beginnings in 1993, Highland Lakes Real Estate has grown to be the largest independent real estate brokerage on the north shore. Our laid back and friendly style of doing business has gained us a reputation as the place to go when you want to buy or sell real estate in central Texas. We were voted the BEST REALTOR ON THE NORTHSHORE in 2007 AND 2008 and have been awarded BUSINESS OF THE YEAR honors multiple times by the Lago Vista Chamber of Commerce.

The video is great but it’s even better if you sing along so to help you’ll find the lyrics detailed under the video. You can also click here if you want a PDF version:

On the first day of Christmas
My buyers said to me,
There are some houses we would like to see

On the second day of Christmas
Their Lender said to me,
A Pre-Approval Letter
For your buyers who found houses they must see

On the third day of Christmas
The first house we did see,
Ended up a Short Sale
Who knows when we’re closing
We must find a home and move within 3 weeks.

On the fourth day of Christmas
My cell goes Ring-A-Ling-A Ling
A New List of Houses
Grandpa came along
Only Two Hours
Can you show us all these houses right away?

On the fifth day of Christmas
My buyers said to me
Hurry let’s get in
Dead E-Key
Two Open Doors
The Alarm goes off as we walk in

On the sixth day of Christmas
My Broker texted me
Alarm turned off
EWEWEW what’s that smell
Smoke or Cat Box
Who can really tell
Oh let’s hurry! Can we write an offer please?

On the seventh day of Christmas
The Contract signed today
Seven Option Days
3 Weeks to Closing
The Inspector called
His boot just
Went through the roof
But the Seller owns a Roofing Company

On the eighth day of Christmas
The Lender e-mailed me
Just got the Appraisal
We need more sold houses
Values must go up
But there is good news
Interest Rates are Faaaalllling
And we need to Quickly Lock the Buyers in!

On the ninth day of Christmas
The Title Company
Asked “What are all these Liens?”
Look at Schedule C
Do you have a survey?
Buyers need more money
Movers will be here
To Load up
All the Buyers things
And We really need to close by New Year’s Eve

On the tenth day of Christmas
The Inspector sent to me
A 30-Page Report
8 Summary Pages
Faulty Circuit Wiring
Water Heater Leaks
Question on Foundation
Overflowing Toilets
Sinks Leak
What could be next?
This house sits in the Flood Plain!

On the eleventh day of Christmas
We’re closing in 2 days
We have Clear Title
Where is your Disbursement
Lender sent the docs
Buyers sign at 10
Find a Closing Gift
Finally get a Check
Had to cut Commission
What else is new?
Shake hands, here’s the key to your new house

On the twelfth day of Christmas
A big sigh of relief
To-Do List on the fridge
Baking still to do
Presents still to wrap
Football on the tube
Empty gas tank
Office Christmas Party
Decorate the Tree
Cell Phone starts to ring
Buyers need to see
This house right away
I’m a REALTOR, there is no time for me!

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