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5 Great Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install

5 Great Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install

Posted in: Chrome, Google

So yesterday we saw how we can install extensions in Google Chrome by switching to Chrome’s beta channel. As promised I am back with a list of cool extensions for Chrome that enhance your experience of using this browser.

1. Google Quick Scroll

When you search for some text or a phrase in Google, it displays the results in the form of website links accompanied with snippets of the destination page.

Although the text snippet shows your search query, when you go to the original page, the search query seems to be buried somewhere in the page and you usually need to use Ctrl+F to find that text (happens a lot of times in my experience).

Google Quick Scroll is a useful extension by Google that aims to solve that problem. This extension helps you locate the search query on the destination page when it is difficult and time-consuming to do that manually.

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