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Blizzard 2009

December forecasts the next year's economy...

How is that you may ask? Well every year around this time my husband and I drive around the area to see the christmas lights; and as we drive around we have noticed that some years there are more lights than others. So we decided to do an impromptu survey.

Now it has become a ritual with us. The last 2 years people did not decorate and light their houses as much for the Christmas season and the last 2 years both the housing market and automobile market has been hurting and as a result so has our income.

This year as I did my first personal mini tour this evening I have noticed many more houses lit up with lights and decorated. My intial take is that people are feeling optimistic and are beginning to spend money by lighting up their houses.

Stay tuned and I will let you know further my impromptu take on December's 2010 economy forecast.