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15 Things You Can Do Today

  1. Compliment 3 people today


  1. Overtip breakfast waitress


  1. Improve your handshake to be firmer


  1. Hug your child after you discipline it


  1. Look people in the eye


  1. Sing in the shower


  1. Learn to make good chilli


  1. Be the first one to say "Hello"


  1. Forgive others and yourself


  1. Learn 3 jokes


  1. Floss your teeth


  1. Drink champagne for no reason at all


  1. Return borrowed things


  1. Donate blood


  1. Put the cap back on the toothpaste



Credit: H.Jackson Brown, Jr. - The Complete Life's Litte Instruction Book


COLTS NECK— Just because it was so nice to hear, the Monmouth County Park System wants to share its good news. Hominy Hill Golf Course in Colts Neck was recently named Readers’ Favorite Golf Course by New Jersey Monthly magazine. Designed by golf course architect Robert Trent Jones, Hominy Hill Golf Course is regularly named one of New Jersey’s top public courses. This well-maintained course has hosted two USGA National Amateur Public Links Championships and numerous regional championship tournaments.

Home Office Return on Investment


    If you’re one of the more than 20% of Americans who do some or all of their work at home, a comfortable, functional home office is a must-have. And it’s a feature that’s growing in popularity: When the National Association of Home Builders asked builders, manufacturers, and marketing experts what features would be important to future home buyers, 94% said a home office would be “critical” or “very critical.”

    Still, when it comes to adding value, a home office ranks last among the 21 midrange projects analyzed in Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value report. Converting a 12-by-12-foot bedroom into an office costs a national average of $28,375 and recoups $13,648 at resale, for a 48% return on investment, according to the 2009-2010 report. Construction costs include custom cabinetry and work surface, wall-mounted storage, a wiring upgrade, and new floor and wall finishes. 

    Regionally, returns varied only slightly, with the highest rate of return, 56%, in the Pacific region, and the lowest, 41%, in the upper Midwest.

    National average cost to convert an existing 12 x 12 room into a home office:

    Job cost: $28,375

    Resale value: $13,648

    Cost recoup: 48.1%

  • Not Able to Decide What To Give Away

    The hardest thing to do, for most people, is to be able to get rid of the clutter and I am the worst. There's alway a million excuses on why it's good to hold on to stuff just for a little bit longer. I just read this somewhere and I am going to try it out.

    Here is a tip on how to figure out what clothes to get rid of...

    - Hang all your clothes on hangers

    - Put the hangers on the rod backwards

    - Then whatever you pull out, put back on the hanger the right way

    - Give it a week or two and you'll know exacatly what to keep and what you don't care for anymore.

    Then all you have to do is to find the donation drop off place of your choice, or if you have fancy clothes find a consignment store, and take the neccessary actions.

    Hope this helps you and I hope it helps me and my closet



    Scaled Down Remodeling

    Amid the recession, homeowners who hired contractors for home remodeling in recent months most offten tackled small scale jobs and replacements according to the Remodeling Magazin 2009-2010 Cost vs. Value report.

    Exterior replacement projects like doors and windows continue to recoup the most dollars at resale, which makes them attractive to sellers looking to improve curb appeal. These projects are among the least expensive to complete. Other high ranking projects were siding replacements, attic bedrooms and deck additions.

    The least recouped item were sun rooms, upscale master suites, upscale garage additions and upscale bathroom additions.

    Remodeling magazine has posted project data for 80 US cities at

    Home Buying Trends....

    Then... Now


    Pecentage of US Homebuyers 1999 2009

    Bought a single family home 82% 78%

    Bought in a suburban area    46% 54%

    Began home search online 37% 90%

    Were married couples   68% 60%

    Were single women    15% 21%

    Were single men   7% 10%

    Median Home Values $137,600   $172,600

    Median Age of homebuyers Age 39 Age 39


    source: national association of realtors

    Senior Housing Preferences...

    A survey by the Nat'l Association ofHomebuilders and the Metlife Mature Market Institute found that consumers in the 55 to 64 age group have similar housing preferences as those over the age 65.

    The consumers in the younger age group want more technology features in their home, while those in the older group prefer a ranch style floor plan or a master bedroom on the first floor.

    The survey found that the 55-64 age group look for home maintenance and repair services to be a part of their next home purchase, including typical associated services of older homeowners such as housekeeping, onsite health care and transportation.

    Fewer younger aged consumers expressed a desire for organized social activities long though to be of value to this group.

    I am curious where do you stand in relation to this survey. Do you agree? Disagree? have other items more important? leave a comment let me know.