Don't Put It Off
Shrewsbury River flood warning system unveiled in Monmouth County

Drop your Anchor Here!

Drop your Anchor Here!

"I long to hail the swelling sea, and wonder free once more. A sailor’s life of wandering glee, that is the only life for me!" With over hundreds of miles of saltwater shoreline to wander and explore, New Jersey's Shore is a boater’s dream come true. Greet the morning sun on our Atlantic coast, cruise into Sandy Bay at twilight, ready to applaud the sun as it slips below the horizon. So whether you plan to captain a kayak, a deep draft sailboat or nifty swifty power boat, we have a spectacular boating oriented property for you. (And your dock and deck actually become additional outdoor living space, a place to sit and contemplate, to fish and crab from, to just relax and watch the water and boats go by.) 

Living at the Jersey Shore, boating becomes an accessible lifestyle and obsession, not just a dream.

Drop your crab pot in the water or swing your fishing line into the water and start enjoying some of the many bounties of the Jersey Shore

Enjoy panoramic southeastern exposure and absolutely spectacular sunrises as you relax at the end of your very own dock. Get out your binoculars and check out the school of sailboats as they ply the waters of Blackberry Bay. Bathe in the golden sunlight reflected off the rippling water on a cool fall day on your deck, watch the geese flying in V formation overhead, honking madly and then splashing in the waters or watch the elegant swans just gliding along the waters.

Yes, you're at the Shore, and yet ever so close to golf, shopping, first rate restaurants, hospital, beach, and marinas.

This is an amazing property-- worth a trip jus to see this!

There truly is no better place to have a waterfront home than in Rumson, NJ.