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Simplify and Savor the Holidays

Simplify and Savor the Holidays

This is the time every year that I start using my Holiday Handbook on a daily basis to keep my thoughts, lists and paperwork organized.

I've set up my handbook in a three ring binder. My dividers are notes/lists, christmas, recipes,thanksgiving, recipes and storage.

This is the perfect place to make a few quick notes. I make a note what went right and what you'd like to repeat (and not repeat) next Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Did I have enough food? Too much food? What did I forget? What recipes were a hit? Which should never be made again? How did the turkey turn out? How did I set the table? How was the traffic? Did I time things well? I also take photos of the table setting jsut to remember.

And most importantly I make notes about what and where I stored items I willl need again a year from now; because I am forever putting stuff away and then forget where I put it. Especially items that I only uses for the holidays I store in the attic and the attic trolls hide away on me. 

I hope this can help you for your holiday planning year afeter year.

Just as an aside, I also have a separate looseleaf that holds all my holiday recipes. Those I made and loved and then a separate section of those I would like to try. these usually are magazine cut outs that I find I want to try. So when I feel the urge to try something I go into this binder.