Thins to do this weekend in Monmouth County NJ
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Things to Do This Weekend...

Wintersowing Workshop on Saturday, January 29
Visit Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown and learn how to start hardy seeds outdoors during winter in mini-greenhouses made from recycled materials. (Registration & fee required.)

 Junior Detective: Whose toes are those? on Sunday, January 30
Nature sleuths (age 5-6) will love learning about a variety of their favorite animals as well as the tracks they make. Every special agent completes their own Animal Passport to take home. (Registration & fee required.)

Nature Detective: Whose toes are those? on Sunday, January 30
Youngsters age 7-10 are invited to become a Nature Detective! We'll learn to identify various animal tracks and make a cast of your favorite track to take home. Complete your very own Animal Case File too. (Registration & fee required.)

Neck, Shoulders, Hands & Feet Massage on Saturday, January 29
Learn how to massage the tensed part of the neck and shoulder areas, as well as the soothing and relaxing places such as hands and feet. (Registration & fee required.)

 Comfort Foods on Monday, January 31

From homemade chicken soup to potato pancakes to macaroni and cheese and more, you'll find "comfort" in these traditional favorites. Class is participatory. (Registration & fee required.)


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