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Preserve, Protect and Defend your Mortgage Interest Deduction

Mar 28, 2011

 Representative Frank Pallone
Cannon House Office Building, Room 237
Independence Avenue and 1st Street, SE
Washington, DC 20515-3006

 Dear Representative Pallone,

 As both your constituent, homeowner and as one of more than one million members of the National Association of REALTORS, I remain steadfast in my belief that economic recovery depends in large measure on recovery in the housing market. That recovery is by no means complete and, in fact, the market is still quite weak.

 I understand that throughout the spring and summer, Congress is likely to take many votes on huge bills that will affect economic, fiscal and tax policy.  I urge you in the strongest possible terms to assure that each one of them will contribute to stabilizing housing markets and, just as important, do no harm. The simplest way for Congress to provide certainty to the housing market is to preserve the MID and oppose any legislation that would undermine it.

 Please show your support of stable housing policy by cosponsoring H.Res.25, a bipartisan resolution offered by Rep. Gary Miller.  Realtors believe that wide cosponsorship of this resolution will send a strong  signal that Congress remains committed to a housing recovery.

 H. Res.25 expresses the sense of Congress that the current law  governing the MID must be retained. To restrict current law in any way would undermine progress in the still-fragile housing recovery.

 Please join Mr. Miller and your colleagues in sending a strong signal that you support a stable housing market and that you support the current MID rules. Please co-sponsor H.Res. 25.





Ms. gloria benaroch

Preserve, Protect and Defend the Mortgage Interest Rate Deduction

I just took action to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Mortgage Interest Deduction. This issue is very important to keeping the dream of home ownership alive in America. Please write your Congressional Representative today and ask them stand resolute against eliminating or reducing MID as part of efforts to reform the tax code. Click below and Take ACTION to spread the workd and make it viral.

 Take Action

Coastal Habitat for Humanity is Looking to Assist Homeowners

Coastal Habitat for Humanity is Looking to Assist Homeowners who Need a Little Help with the Exterior of Their Homes

The organization's A Brush With Kindness program is an exterior home preservation program that provides painting, landscaping and minor repair services for homeowners in need.  The program helps low-income homeowners impacted by age, disability or family circumstances reclaim their homes with pride and dignity.  A Brush With Kindness helps homeowners, revitalizes the appearance of the neighborhood, strengthens  connections within the community, and helps preserve and create affordable housing stock.  All work is  performed by volunteers and made possible by donations to Coastal Habitat for Humanity specified for the A Brush With Kindness program.


If you know of a homeowner who, because of income, age or disability needs a little help caring for their home, please contact Coastal Habitat for Humanity at 732-974-2422 ext. 3 or [email protected].

Waterfront Townhomes New Construction in Long Branch NJ

It's no secret that living at the Jersey Shore can be expensive. Fortunately for you these new town homes are being offered at an affordable price and the views will dazzle you. Yes you will have your own riverfront views and now you still have time to choose your own options for your unit. There will be 8 new Pet friendly townhomes in all. Interested? Intrigued? You'll just have to experience for yourself. Come on down to the Jersey Shore and check it out! You'll be glad you did!