Happy New Year 2012
Celebrate Valentine’s Day Idea

The January Challenge is here! Ready! Set! Toss!

this is from one of my favorite bloggers Jamie Novak on de cluttering I thought I'd put it out there as well.

I just started so who knows how many bags I will get done by end of January. Also a good time to start if you are thinking about selling your home this or buying. Good Luck to All.

Post in comments to tell me how you do.

The January
Challenge is here! Ready! Set! Toss!

The goal: challenge yourself to “toss” as many bags of stuff as
you can before the January 31st deadline.

Tossing can mean tossing in the garbage, recycling, donating,
giving to a friend, free-cycling or any other way you can think of to get a bag
of any size filled with unused stuff out of your home.

The big bag tossing has started so jump in today!

Will you be the winner? Will you toss the most bags?

Check in here to post your ongoing tally, share
photos, report progress, share thoughts, get ideas and stay motivated. I'll
check in too so I'll see you there!

Remember friends don’t let friends toss alone so forward this
email to a friend today, they'll thank you!