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The Homeowner Bill of Rights has four major components:

The Homeowner Bill of Rights has four major components: • Prohibiting "dual track" foreclosures that occur when a servicer continues foreclosure while also reviewing a homeowner's application for a loan modification; • Creating a single point of contact for homeowners who are negotiating a loan modification; • Expanding notice requirements that must be provided to a borrower before taking action on a loan modification application or pursuing foreclosure; and • Allowing injunctions against foreclosure until violations are corrected and permitting civil penalties against servicers that file multiple, inaccurate mortgage documents or commit reckless or willful violations of law. Full Story

Crochet Patterns: Scrunchies

Crochet scrunchies are a necessary hair accessory for anyone that has medium length hair or longer - and likes to keep it out of their face. The really neat part about making scrunchies is that they allow those that crochet to be creative in making an item that will be used often, and dozens of them in different colors and styles can be mad from scraps that would be otherwise unused. Additionally, crochet scrunchies come in quite handy for those that have children, as the expenses of replacing store bought scrunchie that get lost can be more than one may believe - especially for a household that has several daughters.

Heading Out on Vacation?

Before you leave, follow these tips to save on your energy bills. Turn down your water heater temperature or switch to its vacation setting if applicable. Use a light timer for security rather than leaving a fixture on full time. Unplug any unnecessary electronics and appliances. Use your programmable thermostat to avoid unnecessary cooling while you're away.

quote from Bill Cosby: “I haven’t learned the secret to success, but I’ve learned the secret to failure, and that’s to try and please everybody.”

Please feel free to make your comments to this quote. :)

Each of us has had the occasion to have a bad day turned around by people providing positive support. We have also, unfortunately, had good days ruined by others who rain on our parade. Fact is, most of us do not have charisma that can change the mood of the room. Instead, we conform to the environment in which we find ourselves. While we may not be able to change the mood of the room, we can change rooms. Start each day with a positive affirmation. Begin each conversation with a smile and a kind word.

It’s not what is said but how it’s said. People may not remember tomorrow exactly what you said but will remember years from now how you made them feel.