We are Survivors
Vietnam Vet lost everything to Hurrican Sandy looking for family

When the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy results in a Federal Disaster Declaration in the county where you are under contract to buy or sell a home, and that transaction requires the buyer to obtain a mortgage please read this.
If the appraiser has already completed the inspection, under Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Government Agency (FHA, etc.) rules, the appraiser must return to the house, re-inspect it and confirm that there is no storm damage. This must be done prior closing. If you have a closing scheduled for the days immediately following the storm, and there is a Federal Disaster Declaration in the County, there could be mortgage related delays while appraisers get out to do the re-inspections. To reduce closing stress, prepare to be flexible regarding the closing date. If the Hurricane Irene experience of last year is a guide, delays were seldom more than a few days.