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Monmouth County Long Term Recovery Group Newsletter #2



To say my life was completely transformed last week, is an understatement.

I was lucky enough to attend a groundbreaking 4 day event where I learned about myself, the human mind and how to really become 'happy without reason.'

So in today's email, I just want to share 1 piece of wisdom with you... one thought that may alter the way you chose to live out this coming day...

Consider this:

When you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, you have certain thoughts that run through your head over and over again, reassuring and feeding the bad, negative feeling that you're experiencing.
So wouldn't you say that to make a change in your life, you must first start with your thoughts... to really take notice of what thoughts enter your mind when a negative feeling comes on?

One of the best things I've just started doing is analyzing my thoughts and making a huge effort to transform the negative into the positive.

So whenever a challenge has come up this week... one that may normally send me down a rabbit hole of frustration, I've simply taken notice, and changed my thoughts patterns to a more positive line of thinking.

The difference this has made, in just a few days, I can tell you, has already saved me hours of time! And overall, I feel great!

So, take the challenge with me this week...

Take control of your thoughts.

Until next time,

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