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Tax tip: How to get a tax deduction for your vacation home

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Good news!
Under IRS rules, your vacation home can avoid the dreaded "entertainment facility" disallowance rules. But you have to know exactly how to meet the law's detailed requirements.
In Part 4 of this series on entertainment-facilities, you'll learn how to use the business-meeting and overnight-lodging rules to turn your cozy vacation home into a cozy tax-deductible business asset.
CAUTION: The IRS's complex entertainment facility rules are designed to destroy your entertainment facility deductions. But the law contains a number of exceptions which I'll explain in detail when you read my new article titled Tax Deductions for Entertainment Facility; Part 4, Vacation Home.
Three ways our fact-filled article can help you:
We'll tell you about the implications of the important Ireland case. In Ireland, the court said that any use of the owner's beach home for entertainment, no matter how minor, fatally doomed the claimed entertainment-facility deduction. How does the court's decision impact you? You'll find out when you Read the FREE article. You'll learn how Mr. Ireland could have avoided trouble. If you pore through the IRS's regulations (we do!), you'll see that they do a good job of explaining how business meetings at vacation homes qualify for business deductions. It's a pity that Mr. Ireland didn't know the rules. You will when you Read the FREE article. We'll give you five great reasons to smile. The law is on your side if you learn how to play the game. We'll list five important facts you should know if you want to turn your vacation home into a nice deduction. All you have to do is Read the FREE article.
To get started CLICK HERE. You'll get a no-obligation 7-day FREE trial during which you can read, not only the article I mentioned above, but all of our helpful tax-saving tips. This trial is absolutely free and there are no strings attached. That's a personal promise.
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