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Red Bank Single Family Sales in 2014

What Happened in Monmouth County Real Estate in 2014

Monmouth County Residential Real Estate for details (live)


Download Market Stats2014 MonCty pdf file


2014 was an active year!

2013 was more active!

We started out with an absorption rate of 7% and ended the year similar.

What that means is it would take 7 months to sell off ALL the inventory.
During August, September and October the rate went up to 9.5%.

Average Days on market at the beginning of the year was 92 days and ended higher, that would be normal because of the holidays.

The SALE to Original Price  started out at 92% and ended similarly.

2014 Average List price was $480,125 up from 2013 $458,189

2014 Average SOLD price was $341,422 up 3.77 % from  2013 at $329,004

Most active price range for the county was              2014             2013

$300,000-$399,999       2727 2743 -0.6


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