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(Mini Motivation) Makeover Your Utensil Drawer from Jamie Novak 5-18-15

The Best Tip to Makeover Your Utensil Drawer
When it got to the point I couldn't open my utensil drawer without
slipping my hand in to push stuff down I knew I had a
But when I look at all those items inside the drawer I just can't decide
what I need to keep and what I can toss.
I bake a lot so yes I do use multiple sets of measuring cups and spoons
at the same time.
And I always think I'll zest citrus, but I'm not sure I actually

indecision is why my utensil drawer looks like this!
However there is one trick that finally helped
me decide what to keep and what to toss...ready?
I pulled everything out of the drawer and stuck it in a baking dish on
the kitchen counter.
I could have used a box lid or extra large food storage container.
Anything that gets the items out of the drawer.

the utensils were out of the drawer it was MUCH easier to
see what I have. All the duplicates. All the triplicates. And all the
tosses I should have made long ago like the measuring spoons that are
flaking paint chips.
Paint chips in my batter is never a good thing!
Automatic tosses for me are items that are:

difficult to use
missing pieces
a pain to clean
not useful to me

And the citrus zester- I have another tool
that has a zester included so I don't need a single use tool. Especially
because I don't zest all that much citrus. 
But I do press a lot of garlic. So the simple to use and easy to clean
garlic press is a keep.

So with all the utensils out of the drawer it is much easier to decide
what to keep and what to toss.
Over the next week or so as I reach for a items I'll use them, wash them
and put them away in the drawer. At the end of the week I'll have a clear
idea of what I reach for and what I use less often - if at all.
From the items left in the baking pan I can

A. Choose to keep them- but maybe store them outside the
everyday drawer so I can find the stuff I actually use all the time

B. Let them go to someone who will use and appreciate

A fork from the set of silverware I grew up using. This fork
came from my mother's house and even though I don't use it to eat with it
just makes me happy to see it in the drawer. So it is a keeper!
How about you? Do you have some definite keepers? And maybe a few
NOTE: This project took me less that 5 minutes. Well
worth every second to get my utensil drawer back!
Wishing you a clutter-free

PS Good news! New events have just been added to the spring calendar.
Take a look in the right hand column or check out the events
page. I hope to see you soon!

2015 Events

All events are free and open to the public.
Keep This Toss That
Tuesday, May 19th 6:30pm
Sayreville Public Library
1050 Washington Rd.,
Parlin, NJ 08859
(732) 727-0212
directions to the library
Keep This Toss That
Monday June 22nd 7pm

South River Public Library
55 Appleby Ave.
South River, NJ 08882
(732) 254-2488
Directions to South River Library

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May 2015

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5 Bike Friendly Towns

Bike-Friendly Cities
It's National Bike Month! Grab your gear and hit the bike lanes this May. Here are five of America's best bike cities, according to
Madison, WI  
Ride through the heart of the city on the Capital City Trail, 17 paved miles that lead to the zoo, arboretum and Madison's beaches.
Minneapolis, MN  
Take a spin on the seven-mile Calhoun Lake-Harriet Lake bike path or ride your bike on the new Midtown Greenway. In July, participate in Pedalopolis.
Portland, OR  
Ride along the Columbia River Gorge and pass over the Bridge of the Gods. If you dare, mark your calendar for the World Naked Bike Ride in June.
San Francisco, CA  
Give the Bay-area hills a run for their money when you ride along the Market Street greenway. For a flatter route, bike the Fruit Loops trail.