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(Mini Motivation) Part 1 of 2 Important Documents from Jamie Novak 6-22-15

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Storing Important Documents (Part 1 of 2)You know how sometimes you can be a little disorganized in some areas while being uber-organized in another? That’s how I am about my important documents – you know all those papers that are difficult if not impossible to replace.My kitchen counter might have stuff on it and my clothes might sit in the laundry basket longer than I’d like – but I know exactly where my birth certificate is and I have precious photos in safe keeping.They are in this box!Knowing a handful of important documents and a few other precious items are protected gives me peace of mind.I thought I might share my list of documents so that you too might sleep better after ensuring your papers are safe and sound.I’ll share my top thirty-four list of papers to find and secure in a moment. Before I do I want to let you know I did not locate all thirty-four in one day. I found one or two at a time and within a few weeks I had gathered all my papers.So don’t panic. Take 5 minutes to find a paper then another and another and before you know it you will have them all checked off!Remember you have two basic storage options.Option 1 A fire-proof box (or safe) at homeOption 2 A bank box at your local bankI went with the in-home options because I often need the papers when the bank is closed. (Interesting note: if you opt for the bank box check with your bank most boxes are not insured.)This is my box, I didn’t splurge for the file box style – I may upgrade sometime in the future.Remember to be disaster proof the box is extremely thick which takes away storage space. The box will look larger than it really is on the inside.Oh and I should mention this is my list – not each item will apply to you. For example if you are very tech savvy and you keep copies of stuff in a “Cloud” then you might not need every paper on the list in paper format.Lastly while checking off these documents you might come across an item or two that you are missing. Either because you had it – like a birth certificate- but now it is hopelessly lost. Or you never had it but you know you need it – like a health proxy or will.Again don’t panic. This too can be solved. Below I’ll share how to replace lost or misplaced common documents. And if you need to create a document like a health proxy or a will now is the time to add that to your to-do list.First off always save any paper that proves you paid something off like a house or a car.Like this bank letter stating the bank no longer has a security interest in my car. Okay now onto the list. I invite you to set a timer for five minutes and find as many papers as you can before the buzzer rings. You can think of it as a treasure hunt if that makes it more fun.Ready? Set. Go!(click here to print a copy of this list from my blog)1. Academic Records- Diplomas, transcripts and any portfolio work that may be used in the future when applying for a job
2. Adoption Papers
3. Advance directive, living will, durable power of attorney
4. Annual statements from your brokerage or other confirmation of investment sales and purchases
5. Bank account numbers and log-in information if you access online accounts
6. Baptismal Certificates
7. Bar/bat mitzvah certificate
8. Birth Certificates
9. Bris certificate
10. Car title(s)
11. Cemetery plot deeds
12. Copies of your driver’s license, green card, and other identification cards
13. CPA audit reports
14. Current household inventory
15. Death Certificates
16. Documentation of your retirement plan beneficiaries
17. Documents related to trusts, or passing stocks to your heirs or other beneficiaries
18. Emergency contact information (insurance agents, doctors, family)
19. Employment Records (any clauses, agreements, disciplinary files and performance reviews)
20. Home insurance policy
21. Income tax returns and proof of payment
22. Legal papers (such as divorce decrees and property settlement papers)
23. Life insurance policy
24. Living trust
25. Marriage Certificates
26. Medical history
27. Military Records including discharge paperwork for military burial
28. Mortgage or loan discharge forever
29. Ownership records (such as real estate deeds, automobile titles, and stock and bond certificates)
30. Passports
31. Photo negatives and one wedding and baby photo
32. Retirement and Pension Records
33. Social Security Cards
34. WillDid you know? It may be possible to replace some important documents if they’ve gone missing. Here’s how:Birth Certificate check the state where you were bornSocial Security Card socialsecurity.govPassport US Dept. of State 1-877-487-2778College Diploma Student Service’s Department of the SchoolSchool Transcripts Student Service’s Department of the SchoolTax Returns IRS form 4506Car Title dmv.orgProperty Deed the County Clerk’s OfficeWishing you a clutter-free week, JamiePS Stay tuned, next week I'll share a handful of things in my box that are NOT on the list.PPS Tonight I'll be at the South River Library in NJ hope to see you there!New events including Sayreville, Orangeburg NY, Sparta, Woodbridge, Mountainside and Bernards, have just been added to the events calendar. Take a look in the right hand column or check out the events page. I hope to see you soon!
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