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Showing a condo today that had valet parking

I am soo incensed today. I was showing condos to a family today in Long Branch, NJ along the ocean and one of the condos a high rise called the Imperial House had valet parking.

I told the man that I was a REALTOR and that I was only there for about 15 to 20 minutes and that my people were behind me. He said I still had to valet it as well as my people.

We valeted it and I showed the unit absolutely beautiful and unobstructed views of the ocean, then we went down to get our cars, and the guy actually stood there waiting for a tip. Can you believe that? Just for 15 minutes of parking? Now mind you there were spots right by the entrance marked for unit owners 30 minute parking only he could have let us park there, but no they wanted their tip money.

I wonder how many owners know about this and how do other REALTORS feel about this. Frankly I am NOT going to show the Imperial House during the summer months. I don't feel I should have to valet my car with them, as I am hoping to sell the Owners unit.

Tell me what do you think about that?


I had posted this to a real estate community as well yesterday and this was on of the replies which really opened my eyaes and I am glad for it.

"Let me preface this by saying that you asked for opinions, so please don't be offended, it's just my opinion based on the facts you gave.

I would have tipped the guy for both my car and my clients' car, no questions asked. To do otherwise seems petty and I think would reflect badly on me as an agent.

Think about it - regardless of why, or for how long or shot a time, you are utilizing the valet services. You're a REALTOR hoping to sell a beautiful oceanside property, and if you do, you'll pocket a nice commission (thousands of dollars). The guy parking your car is probably minimum wage plus tips, and he has to park and retrieve your car just like he has to do with every other car who goes in and out of there. In your case, to not hold things up, he has to go get two cars at the same time since you guys came together and will be leaving together, which probably requires two guys servicing your group.

I would have pointed out to the prospective buyers the benefits of being able to afford a lifestyle that includes valet service for your vehicle. It's probably something that would resonate with anybody looking at that type of luxury property. Not to mention, it's safer for my wife and children (and myself) to be able to not have to park in a dark parking lot and then walk to the building - or the convenience of being able to unload the groceries right there at the front door and not trek across the lot, or any of a dozen or more advantages that such a service provides.

I hope to God that 1) you paid the valet tip (what would it be, a few bucks each car, five bucks each tops?) for your prospective buyers, and 2) that you didn't complain to them about it. Seriously, it would not reflect well on you, and I can only imagine the thoughts that it might provoke about you to them - like "why is she acting so cheap when we know she's going to make a fat check off of this sale?" or "I can't believe how awkward that was, and how rude she was to the valet", or "I can't believe she didn't pay the valet's tip for us", or who knows what other things they might've thought.

This was a chance to make your buyers see that buying this place would make them a big shot by upping their quality of life, and that you were a seasoned professional who could navigate that world but yet is so down to earth. I'm guessing that that isn't the impression they were left with, though. And that's unfortunate. Christopher Cassidy."

Thank you Christopher for opening my eyes and making me look at it from a different perspective.

Rentals are brisk for Monmouth and Ocean Counties NJ

As for rentals, shore-area agents and developers reported them to be very brisk compared with last year.

The Pier Village shoreline complex in Long Branch suffered a “setback” last year in terms of vacancy rates, said Greg Russo, a principal at Ironstate Development in Hoboken, the owner. “Starting in January, though,” he said, “we saw a noticeable and strong uptick in traffic, absorption and occupancy rate. Now, it is back to what it was previous to the setback, with vacancy running 5 to 6 percent.”

He said that would soon mean the end of the current offer of a month’s free rent with a 13-month lease.

Ironstate is planning to break ground next spring on 80 to 100 condominiums at Pier Village, as part of an extensive third phase of the mixed-use project that includes hotels, rentals, condos and retail.

“We are probably getting back into condos earlier than most developers,” Mr. Russo said. “But we are pretty bullish, and prepared to get out in front of everybody while construction costs are still low.”

Ironstate is also a partner with K. Hovnanian in a scaled-down condo project at what is known as Beachfront North in Long Branch, for which construction is starting now. Seventeen large single-family homes and town homes will be built on 20 lots in a neighborhood that the city had sought to seize for redevelopment during the boom years, invoking eminent domain. The court fight was settled last year, and developers stopped trying to assemble enough land for the 160-unit project they had originally planned.

Presidential Towers Long Branch NJ

Presidential Towers - Long Branch, NJ

Presidential Towers is a 24 unit luxury high rise building built in 1989. Presidential Towers has condos with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms some of the condos have two levels, all with plenty of space and closets for storage. There are 4 different models, with sizes ranging from 2,207* sq ft to 3,463* sq ft. This waterfront high rise offers beautiful ocean and sunset views.

The Presidential includes common area, exterior maintenance, pool and heat.

Presidential Towers is located steps from Seven Presidents Park, and offers beach access, a pool and underground parking.  Easy commute to transportation to NYC, exciting Pier Village, rivers and marinas.

The town of Long Branch is one of the largest cities on the New Jersey shore. From the period of the 1860's through the First World War, it was also the most glamorous. It hosted summers to the like of Diamond Lil and Jim Brady. Fortunately, Long Branch is now enjoying a rebirth. Long Branch residents enjoy the beach and new boardwalk as well as Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park. There are a large number of outstanding restaurants as well as a lively nightlife for the young and hip or the young at heart!

The Presidential General Info:

·     2, 3, or 4 bedrooms some units have 2 levels

·     Full appliance package

·     Incredible full views of Atlantic Ocean

·     Sunset Views

·     Private balconies

·     Underground parking

·     Pool

·     Common area, exterior maintenance, heat and hot water

·     Walking distance to beach

·     Minutes to Garden State Parkway, Ferry to NY

·     Available to rent or buy

·     Boating, fishing and all water activities

·     Boardwalk along water


Pres tower 

Presidential Condos For Sale


New Townhouses on Patten Ave Long Branch, NJ

New Construction in Long Branch on Patten Avenue. Riverpointe Below are the links to the information on these waterfront townhouses.

Here are the detailed Listing Information:
20924985 - Details: 597 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $589,000
20924984 - Details: 595 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $598,000
20924983 - Details: 599 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $629,000
20924978 - Details: 607 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $649,000
20924980 - Details: 605 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $649,000
20924976 - Details: 609 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $649,000
20924982 - Details: 601 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $679,000
20924981 - Details: 603 PATTEN AVE, LONG BRANCH, NJ - $679,000

Waterfront, Waterview Condos along the Jersey Shore Starting with Long Branch NJ


 I am constantly asked by prospective buyers looking to purchase a condo with "absolute ocean views" or a "waterfront condo" or a "condo on the ocean" oh yes and it must be under $200,000. Well that just does not happen and then they get very disappointed. So I decided to start writing about the different condos, townhouses that are specifically in Long Branch along the ocean and on ocean ave. For ease of use I am doing it alphabetically and will include address as well as map for visual aid.

Please feel free to contact me any time with questions you may have on these condos in Long Branch or other towns.

The picture below is of the southern most part of Long Branch


Beach House Water front, Water View Condos 480 Ocean Ave Long Branch NJ

Beach House Condo Information

Beach house map

Come and get away at the Beach House condos, located at 448 Ocean ave.! Enjoy beachfront sunrises from your private balcony or stroll down to the new pool overlooking the beach and boardwalk. A perfect escape from the hustle of the city. Completely remodeled exterior. Premier location beach side and short walks to West End or Pier Village.

These lovely two story units with ocean views offer kitchen/dining room combinations that leads to a raised two story living room. Also, sliding glass doors with transom windows open to a balcony with views of ocean and beautiful in-ground pool. Beach House condos are modern and tastefully decorated, and include pool access!

Beach House maintenance fee includes: common area, exterior maintenance, snow removal, trash removal, water, sewer, management fee, fire liability.

Condo Association:  Sage One 732-517-1250

Search For Beach House Condos

Last SOLD Price in Beach House  $320,000


Beach House General Info:

Incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean

Minutes from Garden State Parkway

Available to buy or rent

Beach House Recreation:

Recreation room, exercise room and pool.

Boating, fishing, and all water activities

Boardwalk along water

Beach House Living Features:

Extra large dimensions

Two story ceilings

Private Balconies with water front views

Goodbye, McMansions

With future demographic trends pointing to an aging population, smaller families and a growing preference for returning to the city centers, condos located in urban areas that haven't been overbuilt could return to health as early as 2010, he said.

With most real estate sectors  expected to return to basic fundamentals for most of the 2010-20 years, one  star of the housing boom -- the exurban McMansion built on the far fringes of metropolitan centers -- could likely become its most visible victims of the bust.

Featuring large lots at the expense of a long commute and few public transit options, some industry observers think these McMansion will eventually be subdivided and become affordable housing -- which, ironically, is exactly what happened to buildings in various downtown areas as a car-crazy populace moved out to the new suburbs during the mid-20th century.

These MCMansions could have considerable trouble finding buyers in the years ahead as larger economic, political and cultural forces change the way Americans live and view residential real estate as an investment class.

Picture bustling downtowns with twentysomethings and empty-nesters living in high-rise condos, suburban villages with light-rail lines, and quaint shopping districts. This is the future trend and it is already starting. Look at Hoboken, Jersey City, South Amboy,and Red bank to name a few.

As I REALTOR, I am clearing seeing this trend. All want to be close to transportation with the train being the first option, then bus and last the feryy in our area.

So Good bye McMansion hello condos, lofts,townhouses, single family houses and great walkable downtown areas like Red Bank, Little Silver, Matawan and the up and coming New Long Branch Broadway area.

2008 Condo Sales by most active town

January 2008
91 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
Long Branch 12
2.Freehold 11
3.Howell 10

February 2008
107 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1.Tinton Falls  16
2.Freehold  11
3.Long Branch  9

March 2008
107 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1.Freehold  16
2.Middletown  11
3.Tinton Fall  11

April 2008
115 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1.Manalapan  15
2.Freehold  15
3.Howell  11

May 2008
 139 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales

Long Branch

2. Tinton Falls 16
3. Manalapan 11

June 2008
 131 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1.Long Branch 16



3. Freehold Twshp. 15

July 2008
132 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
Freehold Twshp 19
2. Tinton Falls 15

Long Branch


August 2008
127 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1. Tinton Falls 15
2. Freehold Twshp. 12

Long Branch


Sept 2008
134 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1. Tinton Falls 17
2. Howell 16

Long Branch


Oct 2008
131 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price
$ 332,915

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1. Manalapan 14
2. Freehold Twshp 12

Asbury Park


Nov 2008
56 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price
$ 284,781

Most Active Town in Condo Sales
1. Tinton Falls  9
2. Freehold Twshp. 8
3. Manalapan 6

Dec 2008
 79 Sold Condos by Town
Average Condo SOLD price
$ $297,218

Most Active Town in Condo Sales



Asbury Park

3. Manalapan


Top Town for Condo Sales in Monmouth County for 2008

Monmouth County SOLD 1,352 condos/townhouses for 2008 with the average price of $320,649. 

Top Towns for Condo Sales were:

Freehold Township with 148 Condo Sold
Tinton Falls 134 Condos Sold
Long Branch 109 Condos Sold
Manalapan 108 Condos Sold

Below you will see a list by month of which were the top towns and avereage sold price for condo


If you would like more indepth info on statistics my website where I have been tracking prices for the last 10 years.

We don't use Square Footage at the Jersey Shore

We don't use Square Footage at the Jersey Shore

We don't use square footage

To all who are moving into Central Jersey. We DON'T use square footage in Monmouth County.

Now, this bothers some people from areas where they know that the Jones' house is 2,500 square feet and their home is 2,800 square feet.

Why is that you may ask? Well, like most things, years ago there was a lawsuit. An agent put basement and/or garage into total square footage measurement. (Everyone measures and includes different things in the measurement. Some people may include an enclosed porch with no heat others not.) Anyway agent and company lost the suit. So, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and others decided that the safest course was to drop the requirement for square footage.

And, now the only people who put square footage into their listings are the builders of new construction, and other agencies who are not afraid or have had a letter signed by the seller acknowledging that they are the ones giving this information or it came directly form the tax records and we can hope that is correct and that that he doesn't change the design, by moving this to do that(you get the picture)and the square footage is accurate!

Our homes cannot be compared to your home  where you are relocating from. It just doesn't compute. Like apples and oranges.
At the end of the day...when you like the house, does an extra square foot really matter?