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FICO Credit Scores and a mini explanation

Did you know that the average American credit score is 692 ? 

If your score is lower borrowing gets really tough.  

  Here's a good chart that explains the impact of your score:   

  • 720 - 850 - Excellent – The best financing terms and represents the best score range  

  • 700 - 719 - Very Good – qualifies to receive favorable financing 

  • 675 - 699 - Average – will qualify for most loans 

  • 620 - 674 - Sub-prime – May qualify but will pay higher interest 

  • 560 – 619 – Risky – Might have trouble getting a loan 

  • 500 - 559 - Very Risky – You need to work on improving your rating 

  This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed


 Did you know that once per year you can get FREE credit reports?

Yes I mean REALLY FREE credit reports. You must WRITEto the all 3 credit bureaus and they will send you your credit report.

Also when you get a denial from a credit card, bank etc at that time you can also get a FREE CREDIT REPORT.  This is for real! not these come ons from emails, commercials etc.

Credit Bureaus addresses and phones are under the Identity Theft Post

Identity theft a growing problem

Identity theft a growing problem here are some contact numbers:
Stolen Checks:

National Check Fraud Service 843-571-2143
Scan: 800-262-7771
Tele Check 800-710-9898
CheckRite: 800-766-2748
Equifax Cehxk Systems: 800-437-5120
International Check Services:800-526-5380
Stolen ATM card, get a new card, new account number and password.
Fraudulent Change of Address: Notify Us Postal Inspector go to website for all numbers 
Social Securty Number Comprimised:

800-269-0271 or website:


PO Box 105873 Atlanta Ga. 30348-5873
Credit Report: 800-997-2493 Fraud Alert: 800-525-6285

Experian  PO Box 949 Allen tx 75013-0949
Credit Report: 888-397-3741
Fraud Alert: 888-397-3742

Trans Union PO Box 390 Springfield, Pa 19064-0390
Credit Report: 800-916-8800
Fraud Alert: 800-680-7289