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Internet Magic

February 2006 Stealthlink Updates

· create a gift certificate of talent!

· win big at e-bay!

· transfer huge files with ease!

· get best price quote right on your cell phone!

· pick your seat mate on your next flight!

· get motivated!

· shameless restaurants!

· find the book you want - complete with text!

December 2005 Stealthlink Updates

· fly the earth on the internet!

· this will put words in your mouth!

· twenty-five top real estate cybertools!

· here's an economic free lunch!

· solve your tech problems the easy way!

· get college funds for junior!

· worldwide real estate research center!

· you should be on this list!

Internet Magic

October 2005 Stealthlink Updates

· complimentary credit reports now on-line!

· gadget heaven!

· computer annoyances attack center!

· got aches and pains? check them here!

· worldwide front page news at your fingertips!

· how to do (just about) anything!

· what should you be paid?

· can't miss gift store!

August 2005 Stealthlink Updates

· secret codes to bypass voice mail—and get a human!

· the new 800 pound gorilla of people searches!

· see your home redecorations on line!

· walk around town with a celebrity!

· photo stamps are back!

· how does your hospital compare?

· really get to know your new town!

· need a photo—need clip art?

Magic on the Internet

June 2005 Stealthlink Updates

· google strikes again with photo organizer!

· take the mystery out of travel insurance!

· zoom yourself!

· a here's a backdoor pass to get gmail

· keyboard shortcut heaven!

· search the web your way!

· world wide appreciation rates

·  track down those phone calls!

April 2005 Stealthlink Updates

· tech support -- on the house!

· schlep your bags no more!

· learn a language - the on-line way!

· a personal social butler for you

· tv silencer

· eraser for your unwanted computer files

· beat your parking ticket online

· lighten your day at jibjab

Internet Tips & Tricks

October 2007 Stealthlink Updates

·  Make Your Email Anonymous!

·  Real Estate Blog Site Of The Month

·  Voice Mail Super Tricks

·  Get Rid Of The Computer Junk!

· Read Your Cars Mind!

·  Check Reviews Before You Buy – Visually

·  Use This Gem to Save Your Tail!

·  Microsoft’s Top Secret Project

August 2007 Stealthlink Updates

·  Sound Like IBM!

· find local events fast!

· set up a pipeline to any computer!

· the computer of the future!

· check your privacy on the web!

· a butler to read you the news!

· family tree geni

· never forget a thing!

Internet Tips & Tricks

June 2007 Stealthlink Updates

·  Google Goes Mobile!

·  How To Live To 100

·  Get Smart At MIT - On The House

·  The Best No Cost Security Software

·  Know Anyone Who's Cranky?

·  Write Your Next Novel On-Line!

·  Sleep Well - Protect Your Identity

·  Forty One Pounds of Junk!

April 2007 Stealthlink Updates

·  Contractor Stress Prevention Kit!

·  Lock Out Laptop Data Thieves!

·  Defease With Ease!

·  The World's Biggest Answer Line!

·  Get The Discounts You Deserve!

·  What in Blazes Is That File?

·  Check That Dealer First!

Internet Tips & Tricks

February 2007 Stealthlink Updates

·  Anti Virus Solution For Tightwads!

·  Get Off Those Mailing Lists! 1-888-5OPTOUT (1 888 567 8688)

·  Scrub - Erase - Remove

· Get Even With The Road Ragers!

·  A Voice To The Future!

·  File Conversion Made Simple!

·  Sleeping In Airports!

December 2006 Stealthlink Updates

· world's largest buildings database!

· tech tv on demand!

· flu shot locator

· avoid the "gotchas"!

· real estate trends at your fingertips!

· sign your paychecks over to uncle sam!

· try this internet clipboard!

· never type again!

Cyber Magic

December 2004 Stealthlink Updates

  • · free conference calling,really!

    · create your own blog!

    · test your computer against hackers!

    · search your hard drive in a millisecond!

    · check for spyware on line!

    · database of federal jobs available!

    · find health help,clinical trials!
  • February 2005 Stealthlink Updates

    · internet safety primer!

    · digital camera university!

    · did that mouse just gesture?

    · find a sound any sound!

    · speaking search engine (really)!

    · compare your phone costs!

    · can't find your operating manual?